The first Hopi Market in 2010 was started to help artisans to sell their art and crafts following a major recession, and to introduce their way of life and rich culture to the public. The Hopi Festival brings to Flagstaff public education by way of art, traditional social dances and traditional foods. This event aims to bring the City of Flagstaff together with surrounding neighbors to learn from one another in unity, happiness and stewardship of the earth for all people of different walks of life.

hopi festival - native artsLisa Talayumptewa, Event Coordinator of HTEDC has said “This festival is for the whole family to enjoy the beauty of Native American art and culture. Life in the eyes of an artist is unique and reflects the beauty in life and brings out serenity.”

Since 2010 The City of Flagstaff’s City Council unanimously approved a street closure of Aspen Avenue between San Francisco and Leroux Streets allowing for increasing the size of the festival. Our goal is to partner with the artisans to promote a diversity of arts, culture and educational opportunities through the Hopi Festival on Heritage Square in Flagstaff’s historic downtown business district.hopi festival - native arts

As the interest in and attendance at the Festival has grown each year, we realized we needed to expand opportunities for additional artisans and presenters of Native American culture to meet the demands of the visitors. Closing the street to expand the Festival’s footprint made a lot of sense and we thank the City of Flagstaff and the downtown businesses for their support.

“It is exciting to have our downtown businesses be a part of our Festival and hope that our working relationship will only grow stronger,” Talayumptewa said “Each year that I work on putting this Festival together gives me a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I am a part of a rich heritage that I can share with others”

Special Thank you to our Sponsors:

The Festival is sponsored by the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation (HTEDC) to invite the outside world to visit Hopi, and educate them on Hopi’s rich history, and provide them with a unique experience to walk away with a perspective new look on life.

The HTEDC was formed in 2005 by the Hopi Tribal Council to create and harness an economic environment that will blossom, by securing resources, and provide the guidance and training that allows Hopi Tribe members to prosper and preserve their homeland and culture. Headquartered in Flagstaff, the HTEDC owns and operates, on behalf of the Hopi Tribe, the following enterprises: Hopi Cultural Center Restaurant & Inn on Second Mesa; Days Inn Kokopelli in the Village of Oak Creek (Sedona); the Hopi Travel Plaza off I-40 near Holbrook, the commercial properties of Heritage Square, Continental Plaza and Kachina Square in Flagstaff.

Contact: Lisa Talayumptewa, Hopi Festival Coordinator, (928) 522-8675,