Garret Maho  –  Hopi Potter

Garrett Maho has been a Hopi potter for many years and is still making traditional pottery today.  Garrett was born and raised in Polacca and belongs to the Rabbit/Tobacco Clan.  Originally learning his art from his grandmother, Marilyn Mahle, he gained more guidance from Jacobe Koopee, Jr.

The traditional pottery Garrett creates is made from clay collected from the mesas and painted with colors from spinach and yucca plants.  The pottery is built up by hand; then shaped using gourd pieces and burnished with a river rock prior to the traditional firing of wood and sheep dung.  All of these methods create the beautiful colors of Garrett’s creations. Known for their beautiful designs, Garrett uses ruin sites and his grandmother’s book that has been handed down through the generations to select the ones he uses.

Garrett’s pottery has won many awards including Best of Show 2016 at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, the Halea Naha Memorial Award in excellence in traditional pottery at the Santa Fe Indian Market and 1st place at the Heard Museum Market Show.  Garrett said winning awards is a special honor.

More of Garrett’s work can be found on the pages of Arizona Highways, the Hopi Tile Book and many more publications.

Justin Secakuku –  Hopi Textile Weaver

Annetta Koruh  –  Hopi Wicker Plaque Weaver

hopi festival

NITA is a young lady from 3rd Mesa from the Village of Bacavi, of the Snake clan. Learning to weave at a young age has chosen weaving to be her way of livelihood. She weaves from the heart and weaves into the plaque good thoughts and well wishes and believes that her plaque will find its home with the individual it was meant for.

This young lady is very inspirational with not only with her work but her love for people and life.

JULIUS POCHEOMA  –  Kachina Doll Carver



GREGORY twin brother of Jonah Hill is also from 3rd Mesa from the Village of Kykotsmovi, of the Tobacco clan.